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Salish Trails has a large selection of psilocybin for you to consume. From capsules to gummies as well as several flavours of chocolate. Psilocybin is a hallucinogenic substance. When consumed, it provides feelings of euphoria and heightened sensory abilities. 

Psilocybin works by activating serotonin receptors that are usually found in the prefrontal cortex. Effects usually begin within about 30 mins of ingesting and last roughly 4-6 hours. Salish Trails makes excellent tasting psilocybin products. They are a tasty and accurate way to consume mushrooms (psilocybin). 

We also offer gluten-free and vegan options in delicious flavours. Salish Trails carries Bright Future Mushroom capsules. This is a convenient, measured way to consume psilocybin. Our mushroom capsules are lab tested and should be kept in a cool, dark place. 

Salish Trails ensures the highest quality of psilocybin and follows the correct procedures to make this happen. The benefits of psilocybin are plentiful. 

  • Psilocybin has been found to be effective in treating symptoms of depression and PTSD. Psilocybin may bring hallucinations as it is a mind-altering substance. 
  • Other effects are having an increased positive mood and an increase in appetite. 
Salish Trails ensures the utmost care and safety when creating and dosing our products.  We are positive you’ll love our psilocybin products!