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Capsules are basically a pill form of marijuana, and Salish Trails has a great variety for you to check out. Capsules will interact with your body in a similar way as edibles. You can expect an enjoyable body high from these capsules. 

Capsules make it easy to dose and are quite discreet. CBD capsules can be an effective pain reliever as well as help in the reduction of anxiety and depression. CBD is a great tool for maintaining good mental health and taking the stress out of your day. 

THC is the psychoactive part of the cannabis plant, and it is what gives you the “high” feeling. It is known to help with several medical conditions along with nausea, pain and insomnia. Both THC and CBD capsules are available here at Salish Trails and we are positive you will love them. 

Whether you are looking to try out a new high, or looking for the ultimate relaxation, we know that capsules are what you need. Salish Trails carries the highest quality product, and they are lab tested and free of any additives or fillers. Salish Trails values the time and care that goes into the creation of our cannabis products.