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At Salish Trails we know how awesome and useful distillate is. We offer a lot to choose from in both forms it can come in, and different sizes and amounts. Distillate is a cannabis extract that has been stripped of everything except one specific cannabinoid of your choosing. You are left with an extract that is incredibly potent and versatile. Distillate can be used on its own or infused with other cannabis products. It is typically the base ingredient of edibles and vape cartridges. It has no odour or taste. 

Because of the extraction process, the product is very potent. Whether it is a CBD distillate or a THC distillate, it is a nearly pure cannabis extract. Salish Trails offers a large selection of sizes, along with even having distillate with our disposable vapes. Use  distillate syringes to create your own edibles, or use our cartridges and fill them up with the exact amount that you want. Enjoy the beautiful effects of using distillate, as they are therapeutic and gratifying. This is a high-quality cannabis product that is very strong and delivers results very quickly.