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Honey Oil

Salish Trails offers a large selection of CO2 Honey Oil products. Honey Oil, also known as Hash Oil, is best known for its beautiful, golden amber color. Through an extraction process, the cannabis plant is washed with Butane to separate the good stuff that we want to keep, and the rest of the plant. 

Our cartridges are threaded with a 510 connection to allow for a universal fit. Salish Trails offers many different products to enjoy honey oil with, along with many different sizes, so you can be sure to get the best product for yourself. Salish Trails offers the highest quality products that are free from all fillers. 

Honey oil can have a THC level of about 78-80% and is very potent (Consider that top-shelf cannabis has between 20-25% THC level). Salish Trails offers variety to ensure the best experience possible. Consume Honey Oil in the way you want to and sit back and relax as the effects take place. Honey Oil extract is known for creating a beautiful euphoria. This is typically a full-body high, and not just in the head.