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Salish Trails offers a large selection of Buzzed Extracts HCFSE Diamonds for your enjoyment. Diamonds are crystal-like structures that resemble granulated sugar. Made correctly, Diamonds are 99% THC-A, which converts to THC when heated. Diamonds are best smoked, vaped, or used in a dabbing rig. You can expect intense effects from such strong and potent diamonds. 

Imagine your high, and then amplify it. This cannabis concentrate is very potent and will deliver that high you are seeking. To keep your diamonds in the best quality, store them in a cool location away from heat and sunlight. Salish Trails understands that everyone is looking for different results, and therefore provides various options to choose from.

From bulk packages to amounts that you can enjoy individually, Salish Trails has it all. Choose from various strains and explore the heavenly effects from all that Diamonds have to offer. These Diamonds are lab tested and created with the highest of standards. No pesticides are used in the creation, nor any fillers. These Diamonds are of the highest quality, and they’re sure to get you on the express to that next level high you’re seeking. Salish Trails takes pride in providing a large selection of diamonds for you to enjoy.